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    Despite using the correct tags and categories, my blog posts have stopped appearing under the topic. I have not changed any settings, I use fewer than 10 tags/topics per post, and there are no mature themes. Is there another solution?

    The blog I need help with is


    I use fewer than 10 tags/topics per post,

    Numerous previous threads state that if the combined total of tags and categories exceeds 15, you could be blocked.


    Get Your Content to Appear in Topics

    Add up to 15 relevant tags and categories (total) to your posts before you hit publish, and your content will appear on those topic pages.



    Yes, I’ve read that. I have not exceeded or come close to 15 combined categories or tags in a single post.



    It’s now the 4th day in a row that my blog won’t appear in Topics. I have reviewed scores of previous posts and I can’t locate a single offender where the combined numbers of tags/categories exceeds 15. I think that 9 is the most I have counted, and that was several weeks ago. There’s no reason why the blog would be reported as “mature.” I reviewed the links posted above before I submitted this question; none of the scenarios apply to my blog.

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