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Blog Subscription -- non-WP members directed to WP login??

  1. pataharustlers

    Hi there!

    I am trying to set up an automatic notification of posts for my website/blog, where our club members can enter in their email and receive notices whenever I make a new post... So, I added the Blog Subscription widget.

    Why are they redirected to a wordpress member login screen when they confirm their sign up? Shouldn't they just be able to enter their email and confirm it, and be good?

    Most of our club members are older folk, who are not very tech savvy beyond basic email. I want this to be simple. We tried Yahoo Groups for a year for a subscription service, and it was more trouble than it was worth -- most of our members had repeated problems signing up because of this "double login" thing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What are your settings under Privacy on the Dashboard?

  3. flowergardengirl

    It's probably cause you are not logged in when testing the button maybe? Cause you are a wordpress member--it's telling you to log in.

  4. pataharustlers

    Raincoaster: Privacy is set to "visible to everyone."

    Flowergardengirl: That's the point. Our members are not bloggers. They will probably never be bloggers. I just need them to be able to sign up for email updates without being forced into becoming members. I'm afraid they'll get confused by the "double login" sign up just like they did with Yahoo Groups.

    Before I began my test (and I was using emails NOT associated with the club account), I had cleared all my cookies and everything, so it should have been like I was a new visitor.

  5. Use the feedburner email notification service: .

  6. pataharustlers

    (I really didn't want to create ANOTHER account just so club members can stay up-to-date. It's a LOT of work for me to maintain all these services.)

    So, the blog subscription widget is only for wordpress members?

    If that's the case, support should paste that right on it so everyone knows it's WordPress only. Their current description is ambiguous -- makes a body think it's for ANYONE who wants to subscribe, regardless.

  7. It is supposed to be for everyone as far as I know. Since it has just been released recently, there could be some bugs.

    Contact staff: .

  8. This is the only support document, , and it is a little short on information.

  9. OK, I contacted staff, and did some testing.

    If the email that is being used to sign up for a subscription is associated with a blog here, then when you try to subscribe to a blog, it will take you to the login screen so that you can log into the account that is associated with that email address.

    If you are using an email address that is not associated with a blog or account here, then you are taken to a subscriptions page that shows your blog subscriptions for that particular email. In the confirmation email you receive, there is a "manage your subscriptions" link at the bottom that you can use to access the blog subscriptions page for the email address. People should probably bookmark that link.

  10. pataharustlers

    Wow, thanks sacredpath! :)

    I will do some asking around and see if the signup actually worked for some of our members, before contacting support. I was wondering if it could be a bug.

    Thanks again! :)

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