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Blog subscription not working?

  1. I have a site: . A lot of my viewers have tried to subscribe to my site but they are telling me that whenever they click in the place to enter your email, the internet reloads the site so you cant type it in. What is going on?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Doesn't happen with mine now though you might want to re-add the subscription widget and remove the old one. That's what I did.

  3. so you tried it on my site?

  4. No, haven't. But I had the same problem before so tricked it that way. Switching to another theme then switch back to your previous might also be a workaround?

  5. Ill try

  6. its still not working

  7. is it doing the same when you try?

  8. I tried it your sign me up button isnt working but the text link to subscribe is

  9. I'd like to suggest that you contact Staff as we volunteers cannot help with this issue

  10. So what do you mean by the button isnt working?

  11. My bad I got it back to front

    When I clicked on your email link the page just refreshed but the sign me up button subscribed me to your blog. If that helps.

  12. That is the default behavior. After someone types in the email address and click the button to subscribe, the subscriber has to check their email address for confirmation.

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