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  1. meninstylesociety

    Hey everyone,
    I finally got my blog going and I would really appreciate some feedback (I am open to the good, bad, and ugly), thanks!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. dlcsmanagement

    Love the style, like the pics, some of them are a bit unsharp you might need some more practice? But that's exactly what a blog is for! :) Keep it up, you're doing well.

  3. thesleepingsun

    Cool - just make sure that for a blog like this there needs to be constant updating. Otherwise I would just turn to others like Valet Mag or Dappered.

    Looks good though.

  4. Good design and what not, you all look like you belong in a boyband (Apart from the girl obviously)

  5. haha

  6. meninstylesociety

    thanks a lot

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