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  1. My blog is and I use twenty-eleven theme. I want my homepage to display blog summaries. I went to dashboard >> settings >> reading and selected "For each article in a feed, show Summary" and saved changes. However, I still get full articles on my homepage. Help. Also, I have need to talk to tech support about another more complicated issue. How do I do this? Thank you.

  2. Hi there - the setting you changed only affects RSS feeds and email subscription feeds, not the front page of the site itself. If you only want post excerpts on the homepage, you could look through the theme directory for a different theme that better fits what you have in mind.

    Let me know how I can help with your other issue. If you have privacy concerns, I can send you an email instead.

  3. I switched to Linen, hopefully that will work. I bought and enabled it but am stymied. It looked from the demo that there was a masthead image but I can't find how to add one. Also, how do I set my blog posts to only show excerpts. Thanks

  4. Linen has what's called a featured slider option, where you can highlight certain posts, as you see in the demo. You can set that up under Appearance > Theme Options, by clicking the "Featured slider" tab:

    You can learn more about how to set up Linen here:

    All premium themes also have their very own support forums, where you can get help directly from the developers. Here's the one for Linen:

    Just let us know if you get stuck!

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