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  1. I decided to try out blog surfer, but it does not seem well documented yet. So I have a couple of questions.
    1. Is there any documentation? Where?
    2. When I add the URLs for the blogs I want to track, can I include non WordPress blogs? What are the restrictions? Even some WordPress blogs do not seem to work.

  2. what is the problem exactly? i use blog surfer with no problems. blog surfer is only to track other blogs.

    you can try searching here

  3. Well, that answered a major question, whether blog surfer is good for non WordPress blogs. The other issue I was having was the format of the URL when a WordPress blog has its own domain name. I do not think Blog Surfer accept anything but the domain. When I remember that the feed is based in domain, even when a blog has its own domain name, I figured out the problem.


    Anyway, because fact Blog Surfer will not accept non WordPress blogs, it is of limited utility, though not useless. Since some of my favorite blogs are on WordPress, I will make some use of it.

  4. if the blog is hosted by but they have paid for a customised domain name, blog surfer will still be able to track their posts. it's the self-hosted blogs which uses wp free software that you can't track from blog surfer. for these blogs and other blog hosts, you can always get their feed through feed readers like bloglines.

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