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Blog surfer appears frozen, friends left out

  1. My best friend's blog is not appearing on the Blog Surfer page. I tried to delete her link and start again, but when I click the X, nothing happens. I hit Refresh, and it looked like the page was loading, but nothing happened. I don't know if this is related, but I cannot delete anyone on the Subscribe page either. I had to block WP subscriptions to keep my email from being flooded (not good when I'm waiting for an email from potential employers). It seems like the emails have stopped, but I would LOVE to have my friend on the blog surfer page. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you let us know which blog you're missing?
    (I sent you email so reply back to the message if you want to keep the information private)

  3. Naokomc, thanks for the reply.

    I checked both my email addresses, I did not see one from you. Can you try [email address removed by naokomc]? That is hopefully the one that my blog recognizes now, although I just switched within the last week.

    Sorry about the multiple posts, it just seemed like many things were going on all at the same time. If I were able to delete my friend's blog surfer link, I could try to re-link her to the page. However, I discovered I cannot delete any links, and I could not delete any subscriptions. I did get an "error" message on the subscriptons page, if that helps. It's as though both pages are frozen.

  4. Hi, I re-sent the email to your another address (it's now removed from your message above).
    Please include all specific detail in your email reply. Thank you!

  5. Thanks, did you get my reply? The Gmail account is brand new and I don't trust it. :)

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