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blog surfer freezes Firefox

  1. I'm running Firefox 3.5.3 and have recently found that whenever I click on WordPress blog surfer to see what's up w/ some of my favorite blogs on WordPress my browser freezes up. It seems to take for ever to load and never eventually loads. Tag surfer works fine. Any ideas? I suspect that there may be a file blog surfer is trying to load from one of the blogs I follow that is causing the problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. if you're blog is at, I think you have a wordpress.ORG blog.

  3. actually, this is the blog he's most likely referring to on wordpress.COM
    I'm using the same version of firefox and don't have this issue though in the past I have had hard time loading blogsurfer but that was because of a blog with loads or pictures and video was slowing it down, really nothing to do with blogsurfer. Since you're using firefox I'd highly recommend addons like NoScript or Flashblock to prevent the slow loading time of blogs with video

  4. @fillingham,

    Temporarily turn off all add-ons you have installed in Firefox, restart FF and then try the blog surfer again. If it works and FF does not freeze, then turn the add-ons back on one at a time checking blog surfer in between each activation and see if it is one of the add-ons that is causing the conflict.

    Also, try logging out of wordpress, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and trying again.

  5. Thanks. Good suggestions. I'll give them a try and let the forum know how they worked.

  6. OK, I think I've got it fixed. I tried disabling all add-ons; that didn't help. I tried clearing my cache and all cookies and re-starting firefox w/ all add-ons disabled; that didn't whelp. I downloaded "no-script" and got that working; that didn't help. What seems to have worked was to weed through blogs I subscribed to that had large files downloading into blog surfer.

    I ended up un-subscribing to 3 or 4 blogs. Too bad, because they were pretty nice blogs. Ah well.

    Thanks for the help.


  7. use Google Reader instead, I honestly wouldn't recommend putting a bunch on blogs on blogsurfer. Did you try flashblock? :P

  8. No I didn't try flash block, is it better than no-script? Google reader is another good suggestion.


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