Blog Surfer – what happens on the receiving end as far as stats?

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    I am constantly logged in to my wordpress account. When I go to my blog and check the blog surfer to see if there were any new posts — does this give the receiving blog (the one I”m reading) a “hit”? What if I click on my blog surfer 30 times a day? Does it give them 30 hits? Am I invisible if I remain logged in?

    It appears the last blog is there (in it’s entirety), so if I happen to check every day, I wouldn’t need to click anything – so I’m not sure what the receiving blog is actually seeing.

    Since many people like the stats feature, I don’t want to jip them out of stats by using the Blog Surfer — but then again, I’m on the computer alot, so I don’t want it to appear I’m sitting here ready to pounce on their blog either :)

    I have looked everywhere for this answer and can not find it. Any help would greatly be appreciated!



    No, it says on the Stats page that your own visits to your blog are not recorded in the stats.



    I’m sorry, I think my post was unclear — when I check the Blog Surfer area (from my dashboard)…is it registering on the receivers blog as a “hit” to THEIR blog? I’m reading their blog, but didn’t actually go there…however my computer “kinda” did :)

    Does that help explain my question? If my computer is constantly surfing for an update, is it recording 99,000 hits on THEIR blog site?



    Don’t have a clue.

    I’ve marked this post so that staff will hopefully look in and answer.



    Blog surfer does not add to anyone’s stats. If you want to cure your refresh habit, start using an RSS aggregator. It will periodically poll feeds and tell you when something appears so you can go look at it. Quite the time-saver (unless you wind up adding a lot more feeds, which is typical).



    Thank you for your response!

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