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    My blog has been suspended with this message:

    “Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.”

    I just wanna ask if all I have to do is report on the “click here to contact us” link.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Contact them from that link in the warning. Since they are out till the 19th, it might be a day or two before they get back to you.

    I’ll tag this thread for their attention since they are monitoring the forums.



    I just wanna ask if all I have to do is report on the “click here to contact us” link.

    Yes, please contact us by logging into your dashboard (you should be able to log in from home page) and clicking the link that appears on top of your dashboard.



    I live part time in Italy and part time in the USA. My Italian relatives and I did a lot of work creating websites for small villages in Abruzzo Italy (e.g., On each of the sites we placed links to other WordPress sites for nearby villages. We were told this was OK to do as long as we did not link to outside advertising sites. The sites contained many photos of these small villages. Unfortunately, we did not make copies of the WordPress sites. The sites were suspended for violating WordPress rules. I have received many emails from the folks in Italy as well as ancestors of people who emigrated from these small villages. They basically ask me, “What happened to the site for my village (Campli, Civitella del Tronto, Tossicia, etc etc). I do not know what to tell them. If possible I would like to get the sites back up and running. I can sign up for a Premium account if this would help. Failing this I would like to get access to the sites such that I can retrieve the photos, many of them unreplaceable, that were uploaded by the Italians to the sites for their villages. Thank you in advance for any assistance/advice/help/etc you might be able to provide.


    ps Happy Columbus Day!!



    Hello WordPress!

    I don’t know if this is a right area to ask a question but I am really wondering that my account for almost 6 months was suspended? Any help please?

    Do you have a contact number of wordpress?




    @briann51 and ulissi1: Please contact staff directly, just like naokomc said earlier. To do so, follow the instructions when you sign in on your dashboard.

    This is between you and staff: they do not discuss it in public on this forum. Sorry, but we volunteers can do nothing to help you.



    Thanks for your time airodyssey-can you give me some istructions how to can i contact wordpress?thanks



    @briann51: You’re killing me. I just told you how to do it! :-P



    yah you just tell me to contact but you don’t eve gave me some sites? I’ll just open everything but there is no contact number here



    or even email i don’t see any emails here to contact them, do you know what I am saying?



    @briann51: No. I said “follow the instructions when you sign in on your dashboard”. That’s why I did not give you an URL. That’s the only way to contact when your blog is suspended. Please understand that any other way of contacting them will only result in additional wait and frustration on your end.



    ok got it, well let me try



    im sorry we are not on the same page-my account was suspended not my blog rather! Any chances to retrieve it?


    You have to talk to staff. Volunteers here in the forums cannot do anything about it.



    You have this blog:

    Use the Help button on that blog to contact staff.


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    Because this question has been answered, (contact staff via help button on blog—contact staff following the directions in the email notice ), further discussion will be repetitious.
    So I will close this thread and tag it so others with suspended blogs will find this discussion and know what to do.

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