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    I was just working on a blog that I have to create as an assignment for class. I edited a post, went back to the original blog, and received a message saying it’s been deleted for a violation of terms of service. I’m reading the terms of service and have NO idea how I could have violated them. This is a very small-scale, not-for-profit school project and it is DUE TOMORROW. I’ve put a lot of work into it and will be seriously screwed if I can’t get it back. Please, please help me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. This is between you and and they will not discuss this issue on these forums in public.

    Go to your dashboard and look for a very large and obvious warning with a “Click here to contact us as soon as possible” link.



    This was *extremely* sudden. There was no warning, and there still isn’t one. Please, if anyone has seen this before, help me. Please.



    As noted above:

    The suspension notice / Banner has a “click here to contact us” you need to contact the Terms of Service people with that link to ask them – that link should always work.

    You can also contact the staff here: if the above link is not available.

    WordPress.COM policy is not to discuss TOS violations in the Forum and us unpaid volunteer helpers can’t return your site anyway. You might also review the following links for more information on what might have happened. Mistakes are sometimes made but you need to talk with the TOS people.



    Don’t ever keep only one copy of work you need for class. If you’re relying on free hosting they can shut you down at any time without warning.



    Also computers crash and I have know several people that trashed the wrong version of the PowerPoint – so backups are always good.


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    The site linked to your username is still up and working:
    If you are asking about another blog, which has been suspended for TOS violations, then you will have to do as advised above:

    We volunteers in these forums can not help you and staff does not discuss such TOS problems in the public forums. Contact staff or the TOS team via the banner on the suspension notice directly. Check your spam folder in case their reply mistakenly got ported there, and be patient.

    Because there is no more to be said, I will close this topic.

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