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    My site, got suspended for no apparent reason : ( I tried to contact support via email but there was no response. I also do not understand what terms of the rules did I broke… : ( There was no warning whatsoever and this was the first time that i got suspended. I know I shouldnt be posting here but I am really desperate and lost and need help :'(

    This blog is very very important to me and every minute lost has devastating effect for me and my blog and my viewers : ( I hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please offer support if possible or get a mod who is free to offer some help. I am really sorry to impose on your precious Christmas time but please help me. Thanks a lot!! : (



    Contact staff through the link they provided in your Dashboard.

    Be patient because it’s the holidays and support hours are very limited.



    Thx!! I will be patient : ( But I really hope to resolve it as soon as possible : (



    There is an excellent reason for your blog being suspended.

    I am working through a lot of tickets right now and I will get to yours later.



    thx mark!! sorry that I had to ruin your christmas : (



    It’s one hour now. I guess theres loads of tickets to go though : ) Plz reply once you sorted out the problem with mine. thx!! : )

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