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Blog suspended for supposed TOS/advertising violations - absolutely incorrect

  1. My WordPress blog, which I use to promote my business and new releases, has just been suspended due to supposed TOS/advertising violations. The automated message on my Dashboard says that it was suspended because it was "designed to promote affiliate links, get rich quick programs, banner ads, consists solely or mostly of duplicate or automatically generated material, or is part of a search engine marketing campaign", none of which is true in any sense whatsoever. I personally write each post, I don't have banner ads, I don't promote any get-rich-quick schemes, and I am not involved in any search engine marketing campaign. Hell, I don't even use WordPress hosting for photos, I link to all images on my pro-level Flickr account! WordPress suspending my blog has real, serious consequences for my business and only having a form to contact with no information on when I can expect a response, or even what triggered the suspension, is absolutely ridiculous. If WordPress just wants me to upgrade to Pro level, just tell me - don't hamstring my entire business.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nobody can discuss your blog suspension here on the public forum, we are only users like yourself.
    You need to use the link supplied in the notification to contact those who can help you.

  3. You'll have to contact them via the link provided in the notice or the form at the bottom of this page:

    They won't discuss it on the boards.

  4. It's pretty clear you're using the blog to sell things you, yourself, do not make. That's against the terms of service. If you want to do that, it's not hard, but it cannot be done here at all.

  5. This is Cory Edo under a throwaway account, because even though when I posted this forum topic WordPress told me that I couldn't post it, it was posted anyway, and I'm not allowed to respond under my original account, and I can't delete the topic, so here I am, having to make a new account just to comment on a forum topic I supposedly wasn't able to post in the first place.

    Raincoaster, no its not "pretty clear" that I'm using the blog to sell things I don't create, I actually use the blog to sell my own 3D creations, all the intellectual property is my own, and I've been using the blog for this purpose for over a year. How did you come to that mistaken conclusion?

  6. Regardless of whatever conclusions raincoaster decides to come to, I've submitted my response to WordPress via the automated form, and I'm in the process of porting everything over to private hosting if WordPress won't even provide the courtesy of emailing me when they deactivate my year+ old, active, completely legitimate blog, or even tell me specifically why they deactivated it. I'm really not impressed with WordPress service at this point.

  7. Are you saying the objects exist only as 3d creations? If that's so, you're quite right and you're within the terms of service. If they exist in realspace, then you're not.

  8. Yes, the objects exist only as 3D creations. There is no physical component, translation or interpretation of these items. I'm still not sure why you were so convinced that it was "pretty clear" that I did not make the items myself, considering that the status of selling things I did not make myself and selling physical items vs 3D models without a physical component are two entirely different situations.

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