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Blog Suspended/Archived [AGAIN]

  1. I had my original blog: that go suspended. I emailed to see why and I recieved no response... A friend of mine said I was "scrapping" So I said ok. I'll make another one [] with more originality which I did. I had a shorter run with more followers. I did more than just make information available to people. I a lot of personally thoughts[ORIGINALITY] than I did the first blog. [Its mainly a hiphop blog] I had underground artist personally giving me material to post up on the blog and I only posted what I liked. All of this done only to find out this morning that my blog has been suspended again.

    I really need.. Better yet deserve an explanation. I put in HOURS of work on both of these [especially the second one]. Its only right...

    Others may speak on this but I'm personally calling out the wordpress staff to look into this.. Although other input is also appreciated..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you've been through this before you should know what to do. You click on the link in your dashboard and contact Support that way. And if you've a history of stealing content, don't expect ANY sympathy from the forum. So you're stealing less now? That's terrific, now try stealing NONE.

  3. That is quite harsh to accuse someone of stealing, especially with no evidence.

  4. No, read his post. He was "scrapping" which I would translate as "scraping" which is theft. Also, his blog is suspended. That generally doesn't happen for no reason. Also, he asked for input, so he got it.

  5. Oh yeah, just take a look at the Google cache of that blog. The person who wrote the post at the start of this thread did NOT write that content:

  6. Scrapping means quarrelling - not stealing.

    Someone else was of the opinion that he was quarreling.

  7. Quarrelling does not get a blog suspended. You're right, scrapping means quarrelling, but scraping is a spelling mistake I think that poster could make.

    In any case, it's all up to staff. If he's been through this before he should know that nobody in the forum can give him definitive answers or do anything about the situation whatsoever, other than, as I did, look through the google cache and find evidence that most of that content was stolen. I'm not even gonna TALK about the downloads. I'm not a lawyer.

  8. @raincoaster... Not stealing if you READ what I said. A friend had said what I had up may pass for scrapping. .. and what do YOU mean I did not write it?? LOOK AT THE GOOGLE CACHE YOUR SELF...EVERYTHING THAT CAME UP IS WHAT I POSTED.. Maybe I should have been clearer for those unable to process thought.. I am a bit vexed seeing that you said that I stole my content... Links provided by artist viaTwitter on various file hosted sites... Songs/video from Youtube onsmash etc.. I had actual artist forwarding material to me. When I had the content posted up I HAD WELL THOUGHT OUT INPUTS CRITIQUING WHAT I HAD TO SAY ON IT... I had received personal thank you's from some of these artist.. Like I said earlier.

    I do not recall doing what you suggested with the contact info. Sorry I'm new to all this.. That is noted and will do...

    thanks for the input but other than what you said on contacting them your time is wasted. Very little help has been provided..

  9. and yes on the downloads.. None upload by me so I am not in any legal fault...

  10. This is what you get when you don't follow the instructions on your dashboard to contact staff. You get people speculating in the forums. Your time posting here was wasted as well, since you ignored the directive from staff to contact them.

  11. The RIAA sent a DMCA notice because you were allowing others to download music (that annoys the RIAA).
    I checked your blog and you were in fact giving away music in lots of posts.
    It is illegal, it breaks the Terms of Service and it's a very good way to lose the blog.

  12. noted.. Like I said thanks for the input

  13. Yes but a lot of those were given by the artist viatwitter and other sources. Freestyles for example are not under those terms

  14. Taking a look at the actual blog. Most of them are free mixtapes. I made sure not to step on RIAA toes with any of this.

  15. also note that these mixtapes are free and available on a number of other sites. Or is this just a personal "ethics issue" with WP

  16. What you'll have to do is make VERY clear on each blog post what was given to you by artists to make available for download. If it's just something someone else uploaded, you have a problem, since you don't know if they have the rights or not.

  17. And I'm sorry I called you a thief. I did jump to conclusions and I owe you an apology.

  18. If you want to contest the DMCA notice you can - I will give you the notice they sent.
    But until you clear everything with them (that's every download) you will have to keep the blog fully private so no other distribution can happen.

    The fact music is available elsewhere is not the point. Fact is the RIAA said YOU were breaking the law. And if you want to go read the DMCA legislation you will find that we don't exactly have a bunch of options there.

    If a blog is reported for spamming, music theft (that's you), program theft, serials or anything else I will check the blog and if needed it will be closed. is not about to turn into some sleazy warez haven.

    And ethics? Yes if you want. People come here because the place is not riddled with spammers, ads, affiliate banners, warez and illegal music downloads. People like it as it is and it will stay that way.

  19. Ok which downloads are not allowed to be up so I can take them down and conform to this.

  20. @raincoaster. Thats Ok I just want my blog back. If that means no links then fine no links. I just cant have 2 projects where I put in time to be taken from me like that.

  21. hipadvocate, the way copyright law works is that it's up to you to seek permission first for anything you upload or post that was not created by you. It's not our job to do that for you.

    That's the law, not our rule.

    In other words, all of your downloads must be removed, except for those where you have written permission from the copyright holder.

  22. I'm actually over this nonsense delete my account and keep your website.

  23. Oh dear

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