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blog suspension

  1. I would like you to unblock my blog site. I have not violated any terms of agreement. I have repeadtley tried to contact you about my suspension.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having a very difficult time trying to contact an actual person. After my second blog post I was suspended. I havent promoted an mlm nor copied anyone elses material. All the information is my writing, I have tried over and over to contact someone to remove the suspension and explain why they did it?

  3. You are having this difficulty because you are not using the Suspended Blogs link on the actual blog. It goes to a direct Contact form for staff.

  4. - is not suspended - mistakes are sometimes made

  5. This happened after a deleted my two posts

  6. I'm now hesitant to ever use this platform again for blogging, since nothing I posted violated terms.

  7. Well, as auxclass said, you're not suspended now.

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