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    Staff do monitor theses forums, but I would suggest your friend contact staff when they open this morning at 9am PDT and give them the information as well.


    Member has been restored. Sorry about that.

    thesacredpath’s advice, as usual, is good. Thank you.


    My pleasure and thanks to you and all of the staff for your hard work.


    I did email support yesterday, but was still awaiting a response. The blog is now back up. Phew. It is rather heartstopping to see all your hard work just disappear in the blink of an eye like that.


    I’m glad you’re back up and running. There seems to still be a gremlin or two lurking about but staff will get them all rounded up. Of course, when it comes to computers and the internet, gremlins are a given.


    my blog got suspended a month back for no obvious reasons . There was no advertising or viral links present. Can it be restored now?



    You need to contact staff during office hours for the quickest response. You’re not in a hurry if you’ve waited a month to report this, I’m thinking. Support will re-open in eight hours.

    It would appear from the Google Cache of this post:–

    That you copied an article by Richard Ray in the Guardian and posted it, encouraging people to Digg YOUR post, not the Guardian. I’m not seeing any original content in that post; you used only the words of the Guardian. This is illegal and definitely against the Terms of Service.
    Guardian article here:



    Sorry – that does indeed look like a mistake. The blog is back of course.



    And what raincoaster says :)



    Thanks :)



    I had to get another user name just to post. My account is suspended. 2 or my 3 blogs are visible but inaccessible. One was shut down for TOS violation. I can’t imagine how this is true. My blog is not in violation. It’s a discussion about Fibromyalgia, anxiety/panic and agoraphobia. There’s never been questionable content. Help bring back and the associated account is the problem


    OK now it seems everything is OK. Is this going to happen again without warning? Scary to think this info will be lost if I turn my back for just one moment.


    Ooops forgot. This is me the same person that had to use a new account to post (Just Deb)



    Yes, if you are judged to have violated the terms of service your account will again be suspended without warning.

    Also: please don’t post the same issue to three or four threads. That makes it take longer to help you. Just pick one and post to that.


    Sorry I’ve never had to use these forums before. I won’t post any more and I wasn’t in violation of TOS that’s why I was looking for help



    It’s a good idea to make your own regular backups whatever host you’re with, that way nobody can hold your data to ransom.



    I agree with wank and I have just written on this subject.
    Disaster Planning: Backups for Bloggers



    I got a TOS violation notice too. It looks like I can get to it. The only thing I can think of is that I used a recipe from Eating Well but I attributed it to them and linked to it. If that’s a mistake (and it may well be), I’ll remove it.


    Only staff can answer that question for you. Contact them at: and include your blog URL, username and email address.



    I too got a TOS warning from WordPress. I don’t understand why. From what I could see I am not violating any of the TOS. At least I know I’m not the only one. I have since emailed them and asked them why. Hopefully they will respond soon.

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