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Blog Sync of two blogs

  1. I own two blogs.

    Is it possible to Synchronize the posts I publish on one blog with another??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you talking about something like this?

  3. No... actually I own two separate blogs: and

    I want to know whether we can Sync the blog of both the sites.

  4. Manhard, I didn't forget about you....I've searched far and wide, um the only thing I can come up with is this I don't think here at wordpress.COM you can do it but maybe someone else might have an idea. You can always contact support directly at .

  5. If by having two blogs "in sync", you mean duplicating having the two blogs publish the same content, there's no automatic way to do it. The closest you can get is to insert an RSS widget of one blog into the other's blog:

    This being said, it appears that content duplication is not good for search engine rankings...

  6. Crud, Manhard I'm sorry but I didn't know the contact form for support isn't going to be back up until March 1st. So sorry I didn't know. Maybe someone here in the forums will have better information than me.

  7. Thanks Airodyssey!

  8. Also WordPress.COM does not like blogs that are duplicates of each other. I think that is a TOS violation that can get your blog suspended also. So not a good idea from several viewpoints.

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