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Blog that isn't one of my websites has been present in my stats

  1. Hello,

    For a few days, a blog that isn't one of my websites has been present in my stats on

    I would like to know why and also want to be sure that the owner of this website cannot access my own stats.

    Here is a screenshot showing the issue : the website in question is "N├ęgofioul".

    Thanks a lot for any explanation you might be able to give me.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Pascal,

    I see that the self-hosted Jetpack blog N├ę was linked to your account two weeks ago. If this isn't your blog, I can remove it from your account for you. Please just reply to this thread to confirm and I will take care it.

    I can also confirm that any administrators on that website can only view the stats for that website, not your stats for your other blogs.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thankyou for your answer.

    Yes, NegoFioul is not my blog. Could you remove it ?

    Do you know why this blog is in my account WordPress ? It's strange, no ?

    Thankyou for your help,

    Sorry for my english, i'm French ;-)

  4. Hi Pascal,

    I removed that blog from your account, so it should not appear anymore.

    I'm not sure why the blog appeared in your account, but I reported it to our team to investigate the issue. If it appears in your account again, please let me know!

  5. Hi Rachel,

    It's ok. Negofioul doesn't appear in my account.

    Thankyou your help.


  6. Hi Pascal,

    I'm glad this is fixed on your account now. Can you let me know if you ever visited the site before? Our developers are trying to find out what made it appear in your account.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Yes, i already visited this site once or twice before because his administrator had write a guest article in one of my blogs.

    Here is guest article :


  8. Hi Pascal,

    Thank you for letting me know! If our developers have any other questions, I may be in touch again. I really appreciate your help as we investigate this issue. :)

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