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Blog this from Flickr to

  1. I had been trying to find an answer on this and as a last minuite inspiration I thought maybe is the same as my own weblog I host.

    So these are the settings in flickr blog setup.

    Blog Type/Service: MetaWeblogAPI
    User Name Put yours in here
    Password Put yours in here
    Blog URL

    I can't belive I googled for hours on this. Also I only just found out their was a forum for

    Everything is looking good.

  2. I have trouble for setting my account on flickr.

    It show me this message:

    How solve it (the API Endpoint)?


    that's typed right below input field: "Notice WP users your API Endpoint is ..."

    though surely they've could just not to confuse usvers by misterious "API ENDPOINT" -- wtfisdat?

    just ask me:
    -- where to, buddy?
    -- okie, whats your WP login? (you pw we already know ;-)

    and thats enough to fill all the rest fields by flikr themselves

    strange, it seems to be a yahoo property as well, why do they do that way?

  4. Thanks for responding my question, it could not see well
    the colour of the small letter because was very clear for my view (low contrast and I think that there is a fails in the design for usability color).

    Now, I continue testing and hope going well from now on.

    All the others are in process of learning... ;-)

    Thanks options.

  5. how come we cannot insert the FLICKR slideshow in our posts :(...the flash doesn't seem to work!

  6. Does it work now?

    I go to and it says XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

  7. I have been looking around for embedding the flickr slideshows on my blog? has anyone done it? any updates on that?

  8. vsankarv - it's not possible.

  9. Thanks a lot... Internet is really fun. :)

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