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Blog This option in MySyndicaat

  1. We're trying to post MySyndicaat post to the blog in WP. There is an option to send the post to blog. It basically is asking the Blog API URL, which apparently is , Blog Title which again is HRO MANAGER, Blog username and Password (given) and when I hit send, it says Post operation failed - Remote server error. Error decoding XMLRPC Response. Please help

  2. Have you noticed this?

    These programs might ask for something like an “XML-RPC endpoint”, which will be your blog domain followed by xmlrpc.php. So for example if your blog was at your endpoint would be

    Maybe you could try and perhaps a trailing / at the end will also be required.

  3. It worked! Gr8 input from you timethief. Thank You so much. I appreciate it.

  4. You're welcome and have a great day. :)

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