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    I just migrated over from Blogspot. There was too much downtime and inaccessability over there.

    I had trouble finding a way to, (as Blogger calls it), “Blog This”.
    I didn’t realize it was called Press It

    If you find something of interest on the Internet, you can click the Press It link and a window with your site’s Admininistration Write Post panel will popup with the page you are viewing listed as a link. You can then write about the page, assign a category, and add any other information and then press Save and it will be immediately posted on your WordPress site.

    May I humbly suggest that it be made easier to find.
    Please excuse me if I messed up the tags.



    Moved over to the Ideas forum as it’s a suggestion.

    The Press It bookmarklet is actually found on your Write Post page within your Dashboard.




    If you use FireFox try the Performancing extension.

    It can be used with multiple blogs and supports technorati and tags



    Thanks to both of you.

    Marc, I’m going to download the Performancing extension program.

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