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    I just changed my blog thumbnail. It has updated on the site but not in the Dashboard toolbar. I have tested in a different browser and issue persists. I tried re-uploading and cropping the thumbnail a second time, but the issue persists. Is there something that I am missing? I made this change earlier today around 2pm PT, and it is now 8:30pm.
    Safari 5, Firefox 5

    The blog I need help with is



    I have also removed the thumbnail entirely so that I had the generic WordPress thumbnail showing for the blog and the Dashboard. When I uploaded the correct thumbnail, the incorrect one, which is the previous thumbnail that I no longer want, keeps showing up in the Dashboard toolbar while the correct thumbnail appears in the address bar for my blog.



    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and take another look at things. Some browsers hang onto the favicons with a tenacious grip and won’t let go till you take a hammer to them (IE in particular).



    The issue is affecting more than one browser, each of which have different engines. The secondary browser has never seen the Dashboard before, so I know it isn’t my browser’s cache.

    I tried logging out and restarting my browser already, before trying another browser, but I forgot to list it above.

    Those steps you provided are good, but I tried them and ruled out caches and cookies already. Not sure what else it could be.

    I’ll test from another computer in a moment and update this thread.



    It is working now all of the sudden. Maybe it was a DNS cache issue on the server?

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