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    I just installed WordPress yesterday and I’m having a few issues. I’ve been using CMS for awhile now, and I’ve been doing HTML, CSS, and minor PHP for quite some time. I’m not new at all to this type of setup, this is just my first time with WordPress. On to my problem…

    Right from the start (before any additional plugins) my admin panel would freeze up. Lets say I’m logged in working on something. I’ll click the Manage tab (just for example, all links have done it). It will start to load to the next page, I’ll see the typical gray bar on top (Howdy Admin!), my blog title, then my 2 tab menus, and that’s it.

    My browser will continue to act as if its trying to load the page. However, no matter how long I leave it, nothing further will load. Eventually (up to 5 minutes) the page will reload as blank. I’ll hit “refresh” and it will kick me back to the login page and force me to log back in. I can only move between 3 to 4 pages and it will start the cycle over again.

    Another weird thing, while I’m frozen in the admin panel, if I open a new tab and browse to the blog itself, it too will act as if its loading and nothing will ever load up. Once the admin panel kicks back in, so does the blog itself. Its also important to note that all of browser (in other tabs) works fine while the wordpress admin panel is frozen.

    I’ve also been frozen in the admin panel in Firefox, opened the admin panel and Safari and been able to use it just fine (while the firefox panel is frozen). Then eventually Safari will suffer the same fate, at which time I switch back to Firefox to continue doing whatever I was doing.

    I’m using the newest version of WordPress, PHP 5, MySQL 4.1, and installed in a subdirectory. Using Firefox and Safari browsers.

    Blog is at



    Can’t be of much help here at as we don’t install anything. Best go to for the independently hosted blogs.

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