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    Is it possible to change the name of a blog after publishing?
    Also, how do you determine home page? Another subpage keeps coming up as the lead (home) page.

    The blog I need help with is


    1. To change the name of your blog, you go to Settings>General. (Or do you mean the title of your posts?)

    2. Your home page currently displays your latest posts, not a subpage. What would you like it to display?



    This is helpful. I want to change the blog name. Will try your suggestion.
    I didn’t realize the home page was the latest post. I thought it should display a general greeting and explanation of what the blog is about.

    I’m also confused about what lists in the top menu. I would have thought categories would be there but they are not. Why is there a home page if in fact the home page is the last post? Just a bit confused here – just getting started.


    – Categories are usually displayed in the sidebar. In most themes with top navigation, the tabs are links to your static pages, with or without a home tab as well. See here:

    – The purpose of the home tab is for returning to your front after landing anywhere else (e.g. a single complete post, a static page, or a category page).

    – By default, your front displays your latest posts (number of posts to show set in Settings>Reading). But it can be made to display a static page (e.g. a “greeting” page). See here:



    Excellent, thank you.



    Blog title – It is the actual name of the blog site I want to change – the URL. Is this doable?


    No. You can set your present blog to private (Settings>Privacy) and register a new one with the URL you prefer.

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