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blog title and sidebar alignment

  1. Hi @ all,

    Two questions. First: I've been trying to read up on how to align blog title and description on the right side of the page. The only modification bringing me close to what I have in mind is the following:

    h1,h1 a {
    text-align: right;

    But that only allows me to adjust the blog title, and not the blog description. Something along

    div.description {

    doesn't appear to work.

    Second: I'd like to move the sidebar towards the center and widen it. Although I can adjust the font size and text alignment, adding a "padding" to the tag doesn't change a thing.

    .sidebar {

    Any ideas? Thx in advance _ willyam

  2. Sorry ... I should have added: The theme is a sandbox two-column minimalist r 1.0 ... and the blog url is


  3. For your first problem, I would try the .header class, which should control both the title and the description.

  4. Does this work?

    div.description {float:right;}

  5. If this ->

    .header {

    is what you're proposing: I'm afraid it doesn't work ...

  6. Oh, sorry, you're on Sandbox. Have you tried this?

    div#blog-description {text-align:right;}

  7. div.description {float:right;} is negative, too ... :-)

  8. @ yellaojrak: thx again. sandbox seems really resistant: div#blog-description {text-align:right;} also stays without effect ... :-)

  9. h1#blog-title {float:right;text-align:right;}
    div#blog-description {float:right;text-align:right;}


    Sorry I babble so much. I'm just trying to help.

  10. @ yellaojrak: I know, and you have! I've modified your suggestion, because the h1#blog-title {float:right;text-align:right;} didn't quite work - it made the blog decription appear above the blog'S title. The following, however, works perfectly:

    h1, h1 a {

    div#blog-description {float:right;text-align:right;}

    Thank you very very much! _ willyam

  11. Hurray!! Good to you!

  12. I mean, good, cheers to you!

  13. :-)

    but that still leaves open my second question: how to move the sidebar leftwards and widen it ...

  14. Do a google search on the Sandbox layouts and you'll find one that has the sidebar positioned on the left. Once you get that, you can easily change the width of it.

  15. Oh, and I'm glad you worked out the title/description problem. I gave up on that.

  16. I once made it (moved sidebar left and widened it). I don't remember the code but PERHAPS, this works:

    div.sidebar {width:300px;float:left;display:block;clear:left;}
    #content {margin-left:320px;float:left;position:relative;}

    I'm not sure myself though...
    cause sometimes I could make something work, sometimes I can't.

  17. @ yellaojrak: thx! I've been working trial and error myself, what would you make of this?

    #content {

    #primary {

    #secondary {

  18. Hmmm... You're a brilliant coder!

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