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Blog title conflicts with custom header

  1. I'm trying out your second option. It's working okay (had to fiddle with the dimensions a little, and replacing the custom header via Appearance with a blank header makes it work much more smoothly), but I'm having trouble with the link: it displays a coloured outline by default and putting style="text-decoration:none;" into the tag didn't do anything. Suggestions?

  2. I mean, putting that code into the link tag doesn't do anything (I see a is allowed markup in these - obviously, disregard that link).

  3. I wonder why you think that text-decoration should have an effect on an image.

    You need this:
    <img style="border:none;" src=[etc]

  4. I "think it should have an effect" because this is the first time it hasn't. I've always set my links to text-decoration:none in my external CSS and it's always removed underlines from links AND outlines from images. Why not here?

  5. Because text-decoration is for text. Can you link to an example where you have successfully removed the border around a linking image via text-decoration:none?

    (By the way, such borders only show up on some browsers or browser versions.)

  6. By the way 2, you "had to fiddle with the dimensions a little" because in the meantime you typed a tagline in Settings>General. I had noted that:

  7. I didn't have an example up already so I threw one together and, like you said, it didn't work.

    (Not that it matters now, but I'm pretty sure it used to work: I haven't used it in a long time but that was the first code I ever learned, and the reason why I left WYSIWYG, because my host's editor at that time didn't let me fiddle with link styles.)

    (I know it's up to browser settings, but that doesn't matter to me because if I don't want it, I don't want it for any viewer.)

  8. Re "2" There were some peeking pixels in IE even without the tagline.

  9. I'm leaving this thread now, the subject is over when it comes to posterity, and aside from that I am finding our conversation destructive. Thank you for the help you provided.

  10. "I am finding our conversation destructive".


  11. ok.

    you know, I have days like that lately…

  12. @nicoleblogs

    Destructive? All that help was "destructive"? Wow -- I'm surprised because I consider it to be informative.

    However, as that's how you feel about getting peer support, perhaps you ought to file support tickets for your problems in the future. Here's the link

  13. @nicoleblogs

    my days like that, my friends tell me to get a life…

    Is there something we are missing?

  14. @timethief I wouldn't have said "thank you for the help," nor put the topic as resolved and referenced its use for posterity, had I not, like you, found it informative.

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