Blog title currently awkward; ick. Line breaks, font size, spaces.

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    I know a fair bit’s been written on these topics but I’ve spent about an hour reading the posts and trying things so now I’m putting this out for recommendations…

    This blog title has a really ugly awkward wrap, currently

    I don’t know CSS, so the upgrade doesn’t seem wise.

    I know that the CSS upgrade is required in order to be allowed to change my blog title’s font size or to choose to force a line break in my blog title.

    I came across one alternate solution which was to insert a string of specific &nbsp with semicolons… this does force-insert spaces even into a blog title, but with this blog’s title it didn’t work — the allowable space for a blog title (# of characters) wasn’t enough to insert the number of spaces needed to get the title’s suffix (the bit after the colon) onto a second line.

    Inserting a logo instead of a header title sounds like a poor idea because people Googling for our organization might not find us because of SEO.

    I looked into switching themes, but it looks like I’l have the same problem.

    So I’m out of ideas. What would you do?


    The blog I need help with is



    My honest response is It’s a very long title and I don’t find it to be an ugly wrap. What I would do is move on to my next post.



    I didn’t know that was yours: I was supposed to go, but had to teach that night instead. Looked terrific.

    The reason you’ve got such an ugly title wrap is, you’re using the title for both the title and tagline. I’d separate them into their respective components, being sure to choose a theme that displayed the tagline the way I liked it.

    My suggestion, if that doesn’t work for you, is to pick a different theme until you’re happy with the way it displays. Such a long, unadaptable title leaves you with few options, particularly if you don’t know CSS.



    You also MIGHT be able to apply the div workaround here to add padding in the title:

    If you pad sufficiently, it should more or less come out to two even lines, one above the other.

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