Blog Title does not exist/unable to place a blog title

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    Unable to change blog title/Blog title does not appear. Even after doing
    Settings>General>Site Title>Save changes

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean when you follow the steps you outlined the title doesn’t change in your dashboard, or that it doesn’t change in your header?

    If the title changes in your dashboard, but not on your site, try going to appearance > header and updating your header image as well.


    Title doesn’t appear on the dashboard at all.
    As seen, my current header picture already consist of a title.

    The problem is that when viewed at my dashboard, the Blog title doesn’t exist. So even when a person hovers over my blog profile image, the blog title isn’t there (But the tagline is seen)



    The only other thing I can think of is maybe you are trying to use a character in your blog name that the system isn’t accepting. If that’s not the case, hopefully someone else can be more helpful–sorry!


    Its alright :)
    Thanks for the help. I Manage to randomly get it back to normal without problems ^^


    Hi – I can’t get the word “Private” out of my blog title. Can you help?

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