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Blog Title Etiquette

  1. I hope that I am posting this in the right place... I need some advice please...

    I have been thinking about the name of my blog and have found that someone has the name taken on Blogger, but no other platform. The blog has been up since 2010 with about 15 or so posts, but none since June of last year. The dilemma I am having is that it seems like this person was writing things similar to what I want to write about, but hasn't posted in almost a year. My question is... would it be unethical of me to claim the url over here at or to get the actual .com domain name?

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  3. current blog name is want to truncate to or just

  4. Bloggers do not own blog names. In fact there are many blogs with the same site titles but different URLs. Use it because the URL will different.

  5. So it wouldn't be wrong for me to start a blog even though someone else has the titles would essentially be the same, although it seems as though her posting on her blog has been sporadic at best.... I just don't want to feel as though I stole someone else's idea (if that make sense). It took me forever to come up with a name that fit and now I feel "stuck" on this :(

  6. Why fret about this? It's only a blog. Either use that site title or dream up another unique one and move on - don't get stuck in a rut spinning your wheels over diddly squat please.

  7. Thank you... that's generally all I need to hear in order to move on :) I appreciate the help!

  8. You're welcome. Onward and upward!

  9. Titles can't be copyrighted: do you have any idea how many books there are called "My Story?" Just go ahead and use whatever name you want.

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