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  1. I switched over to the Sunspot theme. I really like it but my Blog Title won't display correctly. My blog is named Cultural Stew but it separates the L to the next line. So it read...
    L STEW

    I've tried different techniques from the support to try and fix it but none of them worked. Can I make the sidebar just a fraction bigger to make room for the L? Please send me some helpful tips. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you did it in all Caps, don't.

    That would be my first suggestion.

  3. No it's not in Caps in the General Settings. It just shows up in Caps because of the theme. I don't understand why it doesn't just format to the box.

  4. On my screen your title is fine, so obviously you have a lower resolution screen than mine. The sidebar in this theme doesn't have a fixed width. All three columns are flexible, to adapt to different screen resolutions. Drag your browser window to make it narrower and see what happens.

    So the problem is the very large font size in a narrow column that actually shrinks as well. You can't change any of this except if you buy the Custom Design upgrade. What you can do is create a suitable header image (with the blog title and tagline on it) and hide the actual blog title (Appearance > Header: uncheck the option "Show header text with your image").

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