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    Hi, I got help on using custom CSS to just remove the site title on my blog so that I can still have my tag line but also have a title show up in the wordpress reader. Here’s the CSS they gave me to use for that:

    .logo-text h1 {
    display: none;

    However now the title shows on my mobile site. How can I fix it so that it won’t show on the mobile site? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, I’m not seeing the original site title showing up on my iPhone, or in my computer when I set the user agent to iPhone. What browser (and version) and phone/tablet are you seeing this on?


    Hi, I actually deleted it because it looked awful on the mobile version. I just added it back. I am on an iPhone 5. It takes a while for my wordpress app to show updated I make so I don’t see it now either but it was there the other day. You can take a look and see what you see on your end, I still have the CSS there but added the title back under settings, general.

    .logo-text h1 {
    display: none;


    Ah yes, now I’m seeing it. Let’s be a little more specific with the selector. Replace the code you were using with the following.

    header .logo-text h1 {
        display: none;

    Ok, I just changed the CSS to the one you gave me. How does it look now? My phone won’t update for a while…

    #1565404 looks great! (and makes me a little hungry) :)

    I just wanted to post a quick note to say that I checked from my iPhone and I don’t see the site title appear there. You’re update looks good to me.


    Haha! Thanks for the feedback that all is working well!

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