Blog Title Taken — But it's not, I just deleted it!

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    Hi There,

    I just deleted a blog title on accident called “Glitter and Beer” so it was and now when I am trying to re get it, it says it’s taken. But then when you search for it on the web it says “ does not exist, the authors deleted it” and I was the author that accidentally deleted it, and when I try to use it to get it back, it says it’s taken. Please help. Thank you!
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    Sorry, when you deleted it, and confirmed it via email three times, it was gone for good. No-one can get it back.



    I’m afraid deleted is deleted permanently. That’s why there’s an email confirmation for it. My advice is to spend the $18 or whatever it is now to get a custom domain name and mapping. That way the underlying URL doesn’t matter.

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