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Blog to don't carry over

  1. I have a blog that I am trying to have made into a book. I have read all of the previous threads related and none of them address my question. I know of at least 10 different companies that let you import your content from the blog and publish it into a book but the one I have used in the past and like is blog 2 book. The problem is when I previewed the draft all of my text was transferred but NONE of my pictures. The pictures are essential. I contacted their tech support and the response was I need to remove the "continue reading" label. I do not see that in the code anywhere. Can someone please please help me with this? The blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the blog in question please? This thread is flagged for Staff attention. There are others waiting who posted before you did so please be patient.


    I will be patient--thank you!

  4. Hi there @britras, as we don't provide the blog-to-book service ourselves, it's the company that creates the book for you that would provide support to your questions regarding the process.

    Are you still having issues with this? I checked your blog the few recent posts that I looked at show the full post text, rather than excerpts. Does your blog-to-book service provider accept the XML file that you can create through the export process under Tools > Export?

  5. Hi @jenia. Thank you for the response. Here is what I think needs to happen and I am hoping there is an easier way to do it. I have my pictures in "galleries" and that seems to be the problem. I think I need to manually g to each picture and click "insert into post." The challenge is I have 1,112 pictures!!! It will take me forever unless you or anyone else knows of a way to do this to all the pictures. As far as exporting, the pictures as they are now (in the galleries) are not exporting. Thoughts?

  6. Hi again @britras, I checked and we don't have an automated solution to convert all your galleries to individual images in bulk. For how many images you have, galleries look much better on your individual posts, and converting them is not the optimal solution: you'd better off finding a different blog-to-book service that can intelligently capture the information about your images. I can suggest you try PressBooks, for example. Alternatively, you can send a suggestion to your current service that they start recognizing images stored as galleries.

  7. Thank you so much @Jenia. I will give it a try. Otherwise, I will spend the next few months changing the format on my pictures just so I can get it to print. Thanks again!


  8. You are welcome, Brittany! And if you have any notes to share about this or other blog-to-book services, I'll be interested to read them. Good luck with your book ;)

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