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    I posted the other day that I was trying to turn my .xml file into text and it wasn’t working it. [Insert tearing-hair-out here.] I hope this hasn’t been discussed because I couldn’t find it and believe me, I looked.

    As I mentioned (screamed, shouted, yelled, jumped for joy!) in the other forum, I have a book deal based on my blog so I want to work with my blog posts in Word because the publisher still requires a traditional manuscript and it has to be edited etc.

    So I’ve been trying to figure this out and it has made me crazy. I posted about it the other day…and the inability to do it has really frustrated me. The manuscript is due Sept 1 and I have a lot of writing to do.

    I even tried to get my blog printed to a book through Book Smart just so that I could read through it and take what I want to write the book. I was willing to just do it manually but I can’t really work from the blog. I need to figure it all out and have the blog laid out in front of me. So I’ve been willing to print it out and retype the sections that I need. But it’s more work than I wanted AND Book Smart kept crashing. I tried to figure it out through but didn’t get that far.

    The perfect/ideal/optimal solution was blog to Word but I didn’t think it was possible a few days ago.

    I was messing with all these .xml to text conversion files and driving myself crazy. Nothing worked and I was freaking out but today I have a solution. And it works wonderfully!!!

    First, I turned my blog into a .pdf file through Book Blogger. They are free and I am definitely making a donation later. [standard disclaimer: I’m not connected to them in any way] My .pdf is over 2100 pages long and is 10 MB. When I saw that I realized I was never going to be able to print it out. I felt a little deflated but started looking for solutions for .pdf files.

    I found a .pdf to Word converter that I paid for after I tested it (there are a lot of them but I used Able2Doc.) When you use the trial it only converts 3 pages but I was sufficiently impressed to buy it. It would not convert the entire 2100 so I’m doing 150 pages at a time and that seems to be fine.

    I’m just so happy about this and wanted to share it with you guys.


    Now that’s a slick way to go about it. :-)



    Thanks! I’m happy with it.

    Sorry I posted the blog to .pdf site wrong. It’s Blog Booker.



    Excellent. I’m sure a lot of people will like this.

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