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  1. What is considered 'alot' of blog traffic? I am really just curious?

    What kind of traffic do the big bloggers see each day?

    Is 400 views alot for my 3rd day of blogging?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would say so.I'm looking back at my first three days, and they were, respectively, 4, 1, 0

  3. 400 is good for a 1 year old blog generally.

  4. I should also suggest cutting on the # of posts on the main page, or having "click here to continue on" links, as the front page is really long and users with slow connections might think that it wouldn't load at all.

  5. I got had an original boom and got about 750-1,000 a day very early on, then dipped and its about 100-220 now

  6. 400's great. On my third day of blogging (I only started a few weeks ago...), I had about 100--and I thought that was good! Holy smokes, your blog must rock! I'm on my 18th day and I've still got around 550. Keep on rockin'! ( ;

  7. test

  8. !ts my 3rd day and still it show me 0 ..
    Can any one tell me What is the easy way to get traffic ?? Link exchange ??

  9. Yes, and commenting. When I began (18 days ago), I DID NOT want to comment, but I ended up doing so. Mine is a book blog, and the world of book blogging is extremely vast. It wasn't hard to find people to talk to. Plus, you can tell people around you "in the real world". Oh, and it helps to post! ( :

  10. I found that many of my hits come from these very forums, when I help people with their problems. I also put a link to my blog in my signature on all forums, and that helped.

  11. Thank you so much for these responses.
    Raptortech- how do I shorten the pages??

  12. This blog here har all about it. We often link to it from these forums. It's excellent - try it's search funktion:

  13. @ fitnessluva/Jessica: it depends of what country and what language we're talking about. Some language areas can't reach the numbers English speaking blogs can. For obvious reasons. Also it seems that Google keeps the world apart. For example: lots of Indian blogs are in English but they do not surface in searches.

    I find that to be a regular scandal.

  14. @fitnessluva - to limit the number of posts, on your dashboard, go to Settings>Reading>Blog pages show at most> X number of posts. You can limit it to 1 or two posts a page if you want.

  15. Also, 400 views a day for a couple of days old blog is very impressive. I've taken a peek at your blog, and you're funny or at least your husband is :-)

  16. I'd say thats pretty awesome for three days. I'm on day six and am somewhere around 80 views per day (high of 116). I update my facebook account with a link to the site twice a day (I don't want to flame my friends' news feeds), that's about it. Hopefully I can get a solid base readership that tells their friends, etc.

  17. The topics covered have to be such which would attract the interests of people.

  18. pornstarbabylon

    hollybollypic, should get you started in building some traffic for your blog.

  19. Tip: link ur blog to your user name

  20. windowblinds12

    I am not sure i get any?

    my blog is

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