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    Is 18 views a good amount for the first day of your blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh yeah, this is my blog:



    I just posted a similar thread, and from what I hear, commenting on other blogs helps to increase traffic.



    Thanks. But now i have 75 the first day and 30 so far today.



    I suggest checking out this article for ideas on building Organic Traffic


    When I lost all my traffic, I commented on a few similiar type blogs. And answered back every comment I got on my own blog.



    I think commenting is not a proper way to increase the traffic. you need to have good contents, with good tags added ( I dont think you can do more SEO on hosted blog).

    Also, you can try submitting your blog to various sites like technorati and twitter..



    Well, my traffic went way down from around 60 views a day to like 10 a day. I need to get it back up.



    In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not. If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic. Thus, what determines success is two things:
    * whether or not your content is found, and
    * whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.

    In the final analysis, all bloggers need to focus on creating relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments on their blogs, and by encouraging “organic” traffic that translates into a faithful blog readership for your own blog by responding to the comments you get.

    There are twenty five steps in the following post that are internally linked to “how-to” tutorials. If your blog contents are high quality, original and optimized, and you learn how to network effectively by following these steps, then I can guarantee that targeted traffic to your blog will increase.
    Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic

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