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  1. Useful to be reminded of changes to Internet search engines in their search alogrithm.

    Also there are now just alot of blogs compared to even 2 yrs. ago. How many of us actually spend alot of time per day reading other people's blogs. For me, it's about half an hr. or so.

    The other times I'm looking for specific information on an organization's web site or their blog.

  2. I spend more time reading other blogs than I do on anything else at all.

  3. @TiTi - I can lend you some kids if you need to spend more time on other things - like school unifrom shopping or parent teacher nights and such! LOLOL

  4. @teamoyeniyi
    Thanks so much but Beloved and I took a pass on kids as we had to raise the other kids in our own large families. Maybe what you need to do is schedule 1 day every week off for yourself -- totally off -- no parenting responsibilities at all.

  5. I'm having the same problem... my search engine views went from 45-80 per day to 3-4. I'm wondering if I did something wrong, or what's going on...

  6. I am having the same problem, my site was generating 800-900 views per day and now it's down to less than 400 a day. I noticed the change around September 18th or so and that's when the views dropped down to the 500s and now their in the 300-400 range. I have no idea why they dropped so much.

  7. Same problem here too with not only are numbers down to 20-25% of what they used to be, but the Search Engine Terms used to refer to my posts, and now they only refer to the blog title, or variations of it. Like the bloggers above, I have not changed anything; just added new blog posts, interesting content, etc.

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