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    I have been using for over a year and now want to make the move to I know about exporting the file, etc., but here’s the thing: my blog has it’s own custom domain name,, and I’ve had domain mapping from to that domain.

    So if I get the set up at – how will that work with all those files transferring over?

    Do I still need to pay for’s domain mapping in that case, since all the posts are listed under already?

    Or does it all automatically transfer over to .org, and is just an empty site?



    Nothing transfers automatically. You will need to apply your new domain name to the new space that you purchased, otherwise it will continue to direct people here until that name expires.

    This is in the FAQ:
    Q: I purchased a domain through and now want to point it elsewhere. How can I do that?
    A: If you purchased the domain through, under Settings –> Domains from your blog’s dashboard, you will see a link that says “Manage Domains”. If you click on this link you will be able to receive access to a control panel that allows you to change your domains nameservers and point it elsewhere.



    Oh… I didn’t purchase the domain through wordpress, I only purchased the ability to have point to… So if I have my set up so everything points to, what happens to

    I assume I need to renew the subscription to point to, or else export the blog’s files and re-host with and, and then delete the existing account (or delete the dual posts)…



    If all you purchased is domain mapping, then you purchased the ability to point a domain name to your blog here at to make it appear as if you’re hosted elsewhere. See the link rain provided.

    Sounds as if you need to contact support to get this straightened out.



    Contact the company from which you bought the domain name and change things at that end to point to your new blog.

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