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    I currently have a blog here, but at one point want to move to paid hosting using Anyway, here is my question..

    1. How do I transfer by blog from here? Is it the Backup in the Dashboard.

    2. Is there an auto redirect to my newsite or do I have to post something like – moved to in my posts.

    I like what WP is doing, but now I have the urge to play around with templates and plugins that I cannot do here yet. Thank you.



    These have been covered in the FAQ and other threads

    1. Just go to Mange > Export. It will give a neat little XML file to upload onto your new blog.

    2. No, but they maybe working on it.

    You can use the edit CSS if you want to play with the stylesheet.



    Actually I don’t think it was covered in teh FAQ but I’ll go suggest it to Podz now that he’s back from his vacation.

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