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blog translation

  1. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to translate a blog that is in a different language then the one you speak (or read :) ). I think that there is a "Automatic Blog Translation" plug in... for hosted blogs... but is there anyway to get translation here at WP? I have noticed a couple of times that in the "referrer" part of my blog stats someone has translated a few of my posts. And wondering if I would be able to do the same to someone else's.

    Thanks for any info on this.

  2. Yes there is such a plug-in for self hosted and web hosted blogs at But there isn't one available here.
    Ryan is the one who is working on the languages projects on wordpress. Perhaps you could email support at this domain and put attention Ryan in the subject line or maybe you would prefer to send in a feedback. In either case I believe it would be helpful to include a link to this thread.
    For short translations there is
    I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help than that.
    Happy blogging!

  3. Thanks TT

  4. Hey I'm not answering questions just now wank is so ... your thanks makes me smile ... it's been a very long day ... :)

  5. I saw my blog is translated into what I think is Spanish. That is so neat, is that done by software, or by an individual person? Is there anyway that I can have that on my blog as choice of language for people to click at?

  6. Hi, neynoona, I'm just coming into this thread 5 months late, but I think your blog is in Italian. How'd you do that? I'd like mine (in oceanmist) to have a button that would display a Spanish version. Is that possible in this day and age?

  7. There is some workaround, but pretty much only works with translating to and from English:

    1) Go to
    2) Enter your blogurl in the box at the bottom.
    3) Select the language you want.
    4) Select 'Translate'
    5) Copy the url, it something long, like: [that's my blog from English into Spanish]
    6) Go to Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets.
    7) Drag a text widget from the bottom box to the sidebar box.
    8) Open the widget and insert the url. It will look better if you rewrite it a little: <h ref="LONG URL HERE">Click to read my blog in Spanish</a>.
    9) Save and it should appear on your blog.

    Hope that helps and I didn't mess it up. :)

    EDIT: As you can see from the quality on my blog translation, it's not ideal, but it's enough to understand it.

  8. Cool cat!

  9. Thanks for the detailed instructions carocat. I'm trying to follow them to the letter, just not sure how many letters and symbols and spaces etc. I need to fill in when I try to open the widget. I'm just not too tech savvy, as timethief will attest ;-) However, I was really impressed when I saw the Google translation of my blog - good enough for me! I'd just really like to have a button that will make it easy-peasy for my Spanish-speaking friends to read my stuff.

    So tell me, if I type this into the top little box of the text widget (because there are two boxes, there, right, a skinny little one on top and a bigger one below), do I include the quotation marks either side of the long url I got from the google translation or not? Here's what I typed in:
    <h ref="">Haz clic aqui por espanol

    (well, that doesn't look quite right, but you get what I mean)( it was like <h ref="my long url here">Haz clic aqui por espanol ) then when I clicked on "save changes" in the widgets menu, it didn't appear to save it - I checked on the sidebar of my blog, even tried refreshing it, but no go. Wha' happened? PS I also tried it without the quotation marks, with no success. I should add that I've not used the text widget yet, so maybe I'm not familiar with how to configure and save them.

    OK, I'm a newbie, but I'd appreciate even MORE detail!

  10. The small box at the top of any text widget is for a text title only. It's not for code. The long url has to be placed below it into the body of the text widget.

    As for details, I'll leave them to carocat. :)

  11. Hi lianadevine,

    I think the url may have been garbled or I forgot a few characters in my instructions. It was late at night when I typed it!

    However, I have managed to insert it on my blog. Let me show you a few screenshots to show you what I've done:

    1) Go to
    2) Enter your blogurl in the box at the bottom.
    3) Select the language you want.
    4) Select 'Translate'
    5) Copy the url, it something long, like: [that's my blog from English into Spanish]
    6) Go to Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets.
    7) Drag a text widget from the bottom box to the sidebar box.

    Screenshot to show you how to place a text widget in your sidebar

    8) Open the widget and insert the url.

    Screenshot on what to write where within a text widget.

    9) Save and it should appear on your blog.

    Screenshot on how it appeared on my blog

    Now I think the main problem was that the text was messed up. As you can see I managed to get your translation lonk on my blog. The exact text I used is:

    Haz clic aqui por espanol

    I couldn't figure out on how to get the forum to display the code. So if you could just right click the code, then select 'Copy Link Location' or 'Copy shortcut' [whichever your browser displays and it will copy the link for you. Sorry.

    TT if you read this, how do I get BBbress to ignore the urls?

    I do hope it works for you this time. :)

  12. @carocat
    To get bbpress to ignore urls so they do not become active links you need to bracket them
    example 1: (
    example 2: []
    HTH :)

  13. Hooray for carocat! The screenshots you posted were excellent, thanks. But I still couldn't figure out how to save the configuration I'd just typed in, UNTIL I scrolled down to the box that asks how many text boxes you want, so I clicked on "save" there THEN clicked on"save changes" on the screen behind the text box I'd just put the code into. Well, maybe I was holding my tongue just right, but voila, now I have something in my sidebar that invites Spanish speakers to click here for Spanish, but it isn't a clickable link. Now what?
    Ooohhh, this is too weird. Now when I click on your last message where it says Haz click aqui por espanol, up comes my translated blog with the "something" in the sidebar I created after you sent your last message, so I know it's picking up what I've just changed. I guess my next question is how did you get that to be a clickable link? I guess I just assumed that some of that code was to make a clickable link, but I'm obviously missing something???

  14. Thank you Timethief.

    So, lianadevine, we have now managed to get a widget into the sidebar, so from now on it should be easy I think!

    Could you post the entire text that is in the body [the big part] of the widget?

    It should be this:

    < a href="">Haz clic aqui por espanol< /a>

    You will need to remove the space at the very beginning between <a AND at the end between the < / though. :)

  15. Btw looking through this thread, this has pretty much been my fault for giving you the wrong url. The latest one really should work, provided you take out the spaces.

    Sorry about the confusion. :)

  16. FYI: post code here between backticks (next to the number 1 on American keyboards)

    It will look like this:
    <a href="">Haz clic aqui por espanol</a>

  17. I tried it with backticks and couldn't get it to work? This is a backtick, right: `

  18. yeah. Weird.

  19. Thank you though, Judy. :)

  20. Thanks carocat and judyb12 for wrestling with my problem while I slept, blissfully unaware... ;-) (the wonders of worldwide membership). So here, between backticks, is what I just tried to post in the body of the text widget:
    <ahref="">Haz clic aqui por espanol</a> ( I take it you use backticks in these posts so you don't inadvertently write actual code). Anyway, still not clickable, though I do see that the code is now different. See, I took out the spaces, but I'm not sure that's right.

    Then I took a different approach and cut and pasted exactly what judyb12 was handing me on a silver platter, and ta da! now I have a clickable link. Also, when I saved the changes, I clicked on the save changes box twice, until I saw that it was actually updating something. How beautiful to see it in action on my blog! Muchas gracias, ladies!

  21. I noticed there was no space between the <a and the href so I posted the code between backticks to see if it would "take" as sometimes it doesn't.
    <a href="">Haz clic aqui por espanol</a>

    YAY! for Carocat who resolved this problem. :)

  22. Well, it's finally solved. Yey for me for making it even more complicated...

    Thanks Judy and Timethief. :)

  23. you're welcome :)

  24. Issue resolved. YAY! for judy too. What a great team you two are. :)

  25. Kudos to carocat albeit using google translation, it'll do for now.

  26. Thank you. :)

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