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Blog translation choices?

  1. I have searched in the forums but I don't think I have found the answer to my question. I didn't understand one string that seemed to pertain...I think info was missing or deleted or something. My question is:


    I saw a site that had this capability. I just clicked on the flag and the whole blog was in that language. Ifound a site to do this but it did not work or I could not put it in the right place. The site I saw was selling computers so now after reading on the forums I wonder if it was wordpress.ORG.

    Is it ever going to be a possibility that we could make our whole blogs translate by that "click on the flag" code? I would pay for it even, well depending upon how much it cost.

    Or should I start another blog itransfer my current blog to each one and then translate into each language. I looked at the language translation page but it seemed to be for having the blog in a specifec language other than English. Am I wrong?


  2. are you going to translate everything yourself (or get someone to do it for you)? I wouldn't recommend using automated translators that you find online, because they are hopeless.

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but i figured you might want to think about it.

  3. @bfhu
    Yes there is a translation plug-in for self hosted and web hosted blogs at but there isn't one available here at

    Ryan is the one who is working on the languages projects on Perhaps you could email support at this domain and put attention Ryan in the subject line or maybe you would prefer to send in a feedback and then pose your questions to him.

  4. Thanks timethief. so that is just not available here.

  5. just not available here.

    No it isn't avilable on this multi-user blogging platform. And as and run on different software it's not "just", if you take my meaning. The translation plugin from in question would have to be coded to run on this software here.

    However, if this is important to you you can hire a web host and have him or her download a free blog template from or you can self-host one on your own server.

    You can also import the contents of your blog into the template. The differences between and can be read here

    Any details about the translation projects currently underway for will have to come from Ryan as I said before.

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