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  1. escribitionist

    Since I just added one more blog (so I now have total of 2 blogs), I wonder if it is possible to choose which blog URL to be shown when I leave a comment?

    I noticed that I can choose the primary blog; however, when I post a comment in different location, I may also need to refer to different blogs of mine.

    I could not find that there is a quick way to change the URL if not going back to my profile page whenever I want to change it.

    FAQ and Forum search has been gone through, but I still could not find it.

    Please let me know if there is a way. Thanks a lot.

  2. Actually, it's been brought up recently. Since the URL is linked to your username, you have 2 choices:

    1) Maintain separate identities (one for each blog)
    2) Log out when making a comment. You can then fill in the fields with whatever address you want.

  3. escribitionist

    Thank you. I think choice 1) sounds more interesting :)

  4. escribitionist

    Now, since I have created the new blog with my existing user ID, I am not sure if I can just transfer the new blog to my new WP account?

    I just found out from the FAQ that the domain name cannot be reused though deleted.


  5. escribitionist

  6. I'd better be with a new account name :)

    Here I am with another user ID. Thank you!

  7. hello--have mercy---i'm new. how/where do i get a url for my blog to post?

  8. @candycaneca

    Every blog has a url that looks like this so if you requested a blog when you registered then you already have a blog and it already has a url.

  9. a related question: how do you associate a domain to your wordpress URL? like

  10. thistimethisspace

  11. thanks

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