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Blog URL = ?

  1. It happened first some two weeks ago when I tried to register at Twitter and today again at one of Spain's main newspapers El País. In both cases I was told that the address given -- -- was not an URL.

    Twitter gave in when I protested, but what does it mean?

  2. Ask Staff via your dashboard Help button. I'd be curious.

  3. That is a valid URL, however the websites you're trying to register on may be chocking on the trailing slash (which they shouldn't...), so try registering by typing your URL without the trailing slash (e. g. Hopefully that'll let you register without any issues.

  4. !!!
    If you don't know, then that's the end of it.

    Anyway, it is Saturday, not a good time to ask Staff about an issue that is anyway of small importance (except that in El País all anonymous comments receive an avatar which is an ominous looking man with a black hat and black sunglasses, which makes it disagreeable to comment there).

    So, if you don't mind, I'll wait till Monday.

  5. Devblog

    I did not see your comment because while you wrote it, I was writing mine, and since English is not my language, I had to check various words in my dictionary.

    Thank you for the idea ....and for having just taught me yet another geeky word: trailing slash! Nice word.

  6. You're smart!

  7. Raincoaster and Devblog:

    Yes, it worked.

    I was able to register by typing my URL without the trailing slash (e. g.

    Thank you very much.
    I'll mark this "resolved"

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