Blog url and title not showing up on WORDPRESS.COM search engine

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    My blog title doesn’t show in the search engine (not talking about google) I type in the url and I’ve tried the title.
    The url is
    The title is General Music Digital

    Why am I not seeing this? Even with exact words, no one can find it independently.Thank you. Kim

    The blog I need help with is



    I just realized it says its searching for posts. Doesn’t it have a search for Blog Titles?

    I made a post called General Elementary Music and I searched on that but it still doesn’t show up.



    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    The Tags search page is in the Reader area of the Dashboard is at this link.

    For Topics (Categories and Tags) page searches see This is the syntax http://en/
    See here!/read/topics/

    For Google searches use this format and replace “keyword” with whatever word or keyword phrase you wish:

    Example search string
    Queen Victoria
    results >



    Thank you, will check out the information you sent. I was just trying to find other people that have a similar blog subject to mine, but I didn’t see mine pull up in the first few pages.

    Will check my tags too. Kim



    You’re welcome.

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