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Blog URL Appended to Front of Photo Target Links

  1. I just noticed this today on my most recent blog post. I inserted several images whose source is from Flickr. The pictures show up fine. In the settings for each image, I had it redirect to that picture's Flickr page when clicked. Everything looks as it should be in the editor - both Visual and HTML. But, when it's published, all of a sudden, the blog post URL is appended to the front of the target URL. And it's only for images - the text links work fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the guide you followed? Images ยป Flickr Photos >

  3. No, I use this:

    I paste the direct link of the Flickr photo to get the picture, and then manually link it back to the Flickr page. I've been doing this since 2010 with no issues, so I'm confused why it no longer works.

  4. It works, in that I can see the images. I think staff must have changed things somehow. I've never seen this before.

  5. To clarify, it's not the visibility of the images that's the issue, it's the linking back to Flickr. The link back is the post URL + the target URL, when it should just be the target.

  6. Can you edit it to change the link? Or does it change to the strange compound link when you do that?

  7. It actually shows the correct link in the edit box, as well as in the HTML code. It is only when I preview/publish that it then changes to this strange/illegal combination.

  8. No, it does not show the correct link, because you haven't used the correct URLs: you have omitted their initial part ( http:// ).

  9. Good catch! I'll have to go back and check previous posts. I've always just copied what was in the URL bar directly, and I'm not sure if something changed somewhere in my usual pipeline. Thanks!

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