Blog URL With or Without ‘www’?

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    Each URL have a different PageRank.
    Search engines view these as two different sites:

    So, when i give my blog link to someone, submit on a directory or put somewhere on web, should i include “www” with my Blog URL or not?

    The blog I need help with is



    With it doesn’t really matter. Either one will work. does strip off the www at the beginning of the URL so you won’t see it when you get to the site.


    I have 2 follow-up questions. A friend just started a blog on that you can get to by typing in
    without the http and the www and the
    I can’t get to my webpage unless I type in the entire thing: Why is that?

    Also, when I type in one of my tags such as H.R.5628, it comes up on the fifth page of google, but the url is not mine. It’s a wordpress url for tags.When you open it,there’s a link to my blog. I can’t find my blog at all by using tags on the internet.



    1) That’s because of your browser settings.

    2) that’s because the WordPress Global Tag Page outranks your blog, ie there are more links coming to that page than to your blog.

    Blog more and you will rank higher. Four blog posts is not a lot of content.



    For you friend, he might have bought the upgrade to choose his domain… You may have some informations looking at

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