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    Hi everybody,

    sorry for my english, it’s not so good as it used to be.

    Lately, I came on a french Blog at WordPress (i’m french too) which i think violate WordPress’ Terms of Service.

    The blog is here:

    These people are clearly calling for racial hate.

    I sent an e-mail at and got until now no answer.

    I find it very sad to be on the same platform as these people (i mean the nazis, not the Support ;) ).
    I really like WordPress and would hate to know that such Blogs are tolerated.

    I wrote something about it on my blog ( ) and asked my readers to send a mail to WordPress Support too.

    Can anyone tell me if this will bring something, and how long it generally takes to get an answer from the Support?

    Thanks a lot.




    volunteers answering forum questions have no jurisdiction over such matters. Support staff will get back to you when they can. It’s unfortunate that you posted the links because this forum is public and now people may be inclined to click them and give the blogger what he or she wants controversy and hits.
    This may be worth reading while you wait for staff to get to you.



    Hello Timethief,

    Thanks for answering.

    I do understand what you mean with me posting the “violating” link, i’ve been thinking about it since yesterday but int he end i came to the point that it’s not so bad when everyone can see what others are able to do.
    This small extreme group has already justice problem with an anti-racist movement in France, some newpapers are talking about it, and i don’t think that giving the link will make this group stronger.
    Maybe just a bit more worried… ;o)
    And they should know that they won’t spread their hate with us only watching.

    Thanks anyway for answering, i’ll wait the support now. ;o)



    You’re welcome and thanks for being gracious about this with us volunteers who can not help.

    IMHO those who generate hatred have minds and spirits are sickened by their own self-generated toxic waste. Eventually their bodies become likewise poisoned. I don’t waste my time and energy on those who are determined to toxify themselves and others. They have no credibility so I ignore them.



    I would reccomend ignoring these Nazi losers



    Sadly, my French is not as good as it used to be, and I don’t know whether there are any French speakers on staff either. As you can imagine, this makes it difficult to evaluate whether there has been a breach of the ToS, and it’s not the kind of thing you want to entrust to Google Translator.

    When you complained, did you include examples of specific ‘hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable’ content, and translations of them? Pointing support in the direction of the blog may not be enough.



    [Content removed. littlewisdom is a spammer – Mark]



    Information about how to complain about a blog is here:

    The Report Spam item in the Blog Info menu (top right when logged in and viewing a blog) is the best way to report a blog.



    littlewisdom – I don’t get a Dashboard when I view that site. Are you sure it’s on



    it’s not a blog. i just viewed it and i don’t see the blue admin bar…



    The Report Spam item in the Blog Info menu (top right when logged in and viewing a blog) is the best way to report a blog.

    Except, of course, that says to email support direct if the problem is with ‘defamation, abuse and threats’. Are there plans to update this? Or re-label the ‘Report Spam’ tag to something like ‘Report Abuse’?



    Hello Wank,

    I did not include specific contents of the blog in my mail to WordPress, that was probably a mistake, but i send an english and a french version of my request.
    Well… WordPress is such a big thing, i could imagine there’s someone out there who can read this blog, a lot of Canadians can speak french too.

    This extrem-right group has also a forum where one can see how fucked up they are.
    Of course, i wouldn’t recommend it, but if one speaks french and want to really touch the reality, that’s the faster way to understand how dangerous they are.

    @marklevy: I understand and respect your point of view, but in my opinion, ignoring these “nazis losers” let them a space to spread their dirty speech, and such kind of blog help them to build and reinforce their net.

    Although i’m French, i’m actually living in Germany where i many times took part of contra-demonstrations against Nazis.
    These people are nowadays just like in the “old times” (not so old actually), they use every possibility to develop their number.

    I do believe in action, even mini little actions.
    If hundreds of people send a mail to WordPress, it will maybe change things.

    Well, by the way… i invite you to do it! ; o)

    It also has a second meaning for me because i left another blog platform a year ago just because of the same reason.
    But this time, i want to stay and put them out.
    I love blogging here and always had the feeling of a peaceful place, a kind of international mix of people wanting to share positive things.
    Ok, i’m maybe a bit too idealistic… ;o)

    Anyway, once again, thanks to everybody for posting here.
    Still no answer from WordPress at the time.




    If hundreds of people send a mail to WordPress, it will maybe change things.

    No, that’s abuse and puts you in the same place as the person you’re trying to have removed.



    in the same place?!

    sorry, but not really…

    I just meant to do something, a kind of petition with mails.

    Why would this put me in the same place as Nazis, please?



    It is not something that needs to be discussed further here, since tellyworth (staff member) has already told you to report it and that is the response to your original question.




    piquesegue – don’t waste your time trying to get the racist scum at wordpress to do anything to remove that blog – all they will do is keep referring you to Number 5 in the TOS.



    WordPress is such a big thing, i could imagine there’s someone out there who can read this blog

    Yes, WordPress is big but the company which runs it is small (fewer than twenty people) and they are the ones who decide what stays and what goes. This site is not a user-run democracy.

    I understand what you’re trying to do by encouraging people to report the blog (it’s easy to ignore one email, harder to ignore a hundred) and yes, there is a better case for saying content is offensive and objectionable if multiple people have been offended and objected to it. However, there’s a risk that any such campaign will irritate staff so much that they’ll keep the site up just to show that they won’t be dictated to. (In my experience, they get increasingly stubborn in the face of user pressure, rather than caving in.) To prevent that happening, you need to prove that the site is against the ToS.



    ok, i’ll try it.
    Thanks. :o)

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