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    Dear all
    hope you all are fine,
    How do i know who are my blogs visitors, or who vists my blog.
    I have just created my blog a couple of months back. it is in Pashto language. the url is

    The blog I need help with is



    sorry i did not understant, my question was how can i know who are regularly visting my blogs. is there nay way that i can know about them?



    No. There are protections in place to ensure that people browsing the web have some privacy. They are not identified by name or address. The best way for you to learn about your blog visitors is to install something like a Clustrmap in a text widget in your sidebar; that will show you visually where in the world your visitors are coming from. And you can always put a quiz in your blog that they can fill out; people love quizzes. But you’d have to use Quizilla or Blogthings and build your own quiz prior to putting it in the blog.

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