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Blog w/ 16,000 hits/day needs custom CSS

  1. I need a custom CSS (existing or to be developed) for my blog which gets 16,000 hits per day. 4,000-5,000 unique visitors, with 16,000 page views.

    I would love to give you credit in my sidebar for your custom design!

    [email redacted]
    (formerly known as Mary Kay Sucks, until my lawyer heard it)

  2. sunburntkamel has css customized a pink theme that you may like. You can check it out here
    wank has also css customized two pink themes and you can check them out here

  3. Don't know nothin' about CSS, but I'd love to make a custom header for you.

    (say, a big ol' pink caddy with a license plate reading: MK SUX)

  4. Well I'm actually anti-pink, so those won't work so well.


    I definitely appreciate the suggestion, and maybe if people can suggest other stuff that's been done, I'm happy to look at it. I want something fairly clean, with a teeny bit of eye-catching color.

  5. I don't think my attorney would like that too much!


  6. hey if you need a really nice banner i could maybe get one made up for you, as long as you provided me with a guide to what you want or the pic you want ... go to and click on the pages "latest news" , "Photos" , "Movie Clips" and "calandar" and tell me if you like the art work done on thoes images and if you would like something like that for your banner (of course with a theam / topic that you would like)

  7. @ MKSUCKS:

  8. The banner is not the problem, the CSS is what I need. Thank you though. I definitely appreciate the offer.

  9. I can alter css code but not create it. If there is a template that is on you think could work, I could alter that and make a custom banner to go with it.

    Of course, you could probably do a search and find some on the net also.

  10. Here is a thread with more css cccustomization samples to view in it

  11. Folks, let's stay on topic. :)


  12. Yeah, somebody fall out of the sky and volunteer to create me the coolest CSS ever. Otherwise I'm going to have try to do it on my own.

  13. What are you trying to do anyway?

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