Blog Was Hacked and Deleted – Any hope?

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    On Sunday, my blog was hacked and deleted. I thought it was gone for good, but today I got an email to my secondary email account saying that I needed to click on a confirmation email to delete it for good. I never clicked on the email. There is no similar email in my primary account (in the inbox, deleted items, or spam). Any hope of getting my site back?



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    The deleted blog is question is



    The words “my site” are vague and we Volunteers have no answers until you provide the URL for the blog in question starting with http:// Please do that now.




    The authors have deleted this blog.

    It doesn’t look good. This thread has been flagged for staff attention; if anyone can bring it back, they can.

    Usually this happens because of a weak password, either on the blog or on their Post by Email email account.



    Password wasn’t overly weak, but I belong to a site that has been hacked multiple times and neglected to change it like I should have. Also used the same password for many things including my email :( Not making that mistake again! Thanks for the flag.



    Oh god, that’s the worst thing you can do. Change your email password right away and any other ones you remember. Because hackers do go from site to site down the whole list of all your ones they can find, trying the same passwords.



    Yes. I had to learn the hard way. Spent several hours yesterday changing all my passes. Lastpass is my new best friend!



    I also suspect a hack. The typefaces on my dashboard changed. Then I received a WP message saying that my blog had been de-activated — without any specific explanation whatsoever. Anyone trying to reach my blog now gets a message saying it has violated terms of service. Could someone help, please?



    Link to my vanished blog: … for post a minute ago.



    Your blog loads fine for me.


    Ah, thanks, auxclass … But I still can’t get the blog to load on the computer on which I wrote the post. It does load on a friend’s smartphone. What is going on?



    I allow wordpress chose my passwords for me and this has worked for me for several years


    Okay, it’s back.

    I would still appreciate an explanation from someone.

    I have been blogging with WP since 2008 and nothing like this has ever happened before.


    Thanks, mariokenny.

    Email notice from WP says that the blog fell foul of its spam filter.

    Hard to see why this should have happened.



    OP here is still looking for an answer. Glad your blog was fine, postgutenberg :)


    OP will have to wait till staff wanders through to look into it. This thread has been tagged for staff attention.


    Staff was deleted by its creator, who was not kitkat714, three days ago.

    As such, it cannot be restored.



    For the record, I AM Kitkat7145. I am no longer able to access that ID since it was hacked. I want to make sure that my *persona*l email address is no longer associated with that ID since it was hacked and I can no longer access it. Is the Kitkat7145 account totally deleted, or was the email changed? Please help.

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